Monday, 10 December 2012

50 Shades Of Summer

By Clinton Forde

So Guys, you want to get away with checking out hot girls at the beach without getting caught by your missus whilst she's tanning herself for tonight's catwalk of shame?!? Well, look no further then these eyeball protectors from Le Specs new summer range. I've managed to pick these blue and gold aviators out of a beautiful bunch of stunner shades that are sure to keep you looking more smoking than Snoop Dogg's "grass" collection. What's cooler than being cool?!? of course in these shades of longer will people be able to say "You should of gone to specsavers" whilst wearing these things.....If your bored of the 'Ban's well rest assured people....Fonzy's back and he means business!!!

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

December shoot - Behind the Scenes

On Tuesday we did our Summer photo shoot in Sydney.

Here are some behind the scenes shots with our team:
Photography by Chantelle Kemkemian
Styling by Alicia Penhorwood
Hair styling by Vicky from Max Barber and Salon
Makeup by Alexandra Back
Models: Rebecca Moore, Kita Alexander and Charlotte Coleman

Keep an eye out for the lookbook, coming very soon!

Monday, 26 November 2012

Black for the Summer

By Clinton Forde

Get ready for the summer with this fabulous singlet from Deacon on the Love Of Eos website. Whether you have left your beach body at home or at the gym this luxury garment is sure to have people turning heads for all the right reasons. The military ain't the only guys who have the "gun show" on display as women will only be forced stroke those biceps in sheer me I know! As what can only be described as the opposite to a girls "little black dress" this little number has two layers of cotton pleasure laying gloriouslyy across your chest that will have you looking like a NFL referee on Bondi Beach. Obviously I can't send you out in the summer in just this which is why I highly recommend you either dig those three quarter lengths shorts from the back of the wardrobe or nip down to your nearest and dearest high street retailer and copp the freshest pair of shorts and jesus creepers to make this outfit complete. Don't say I didn't warn you people....Enjoy!!!

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Taking it to the streets

By Sophie Renders-Allen

Street wear is coming back. And thank god for that. Streetwear style is often built around casual, comfortable basics such as jeans, t-shirts, baseball cap and sneaker.  Some of the biggest trends from the catwalks over the last 12 months have stemmed from the streets. The famous Isabel Marant high top sneakers that have been worn by many celebs and seen on just about every fashion blog, leather baseball caps being worn with pretty floaty lace dresses, boyfriend style jeans and varsity tees.

In addition streetwear clothing is also influenced between the 1980s and the 90s, which often featured bold graphic prints, Day-Glo colours and retro logos.

What I love so much about streetwear fashion is that there are no strict rules, it’s easy and is always forever changing. It’s a mix of vintage throw back, oh and you can totally pull off wearing one of your boyfriend tees. So layer up all your ghetto gold jewellery, listen to boss beats and your half way there.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

In My Tweet-Shirt

By Clinton Forde

Say it with a smile...nah....scrap that...say with a t-shirt instead. Check out the twitter influenced white t-shirt to the public by British high street clothing giant Topshop recently brought to Sydney shores in October this year. With the words “Can I get a Re Tweet” firmly placed across your chest plate for all to see this garment maybe the start of things to come in your ever growing social media circle. For me, all that’s missing from this picture is an “insert here” slogan with you username cemented firmly on the back for all to see whilst you walk past fellow tweeters. The term “keeping it simple” while “getting the message” across highly springs to mind when describing this tee which would definitely compliment the dark pair of stone washed jeans and pair of ice white pumps that would be highly recommended by yours truly to rock with it. So with the question in mind, will this item of clothing do you any favours?!? Probably not, but whilst were trapped in a rapidly changing society you gotta stay down with the kids right?!? So what better way to do it than letting the world know that you’re too cool for school...Next stop....”Snap me up on Instagram”  perhaps......Pin-teresting?!?

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

How to pick the best fashion trends

By Monique Fischle

Things in fashion change so quickly that it's sometimes hard to predict which trends will stay around for a while and those that will leave us scratching our heads thinking, how on earth did anyone find this fashionable? I’m still confused about crocs. Not that they are a trend, they’re just hideous.

But for me, there’s a little secret when it comes to trends — no trend will look good on everyone. It’s sad but true. Over the years I’ve found that many of the fashions trends I love would not look good on me, so I don’t wear them. For instance I love playsuits, love them, but they are so unflattering on my figure so I’ve never bought one.

It seems simple, but it seems many people miss this, assuming that just because they like it, it will look good. There's an easy way that I judge what fashion trends will look good on me — would I feel confident buying it online without ever having tried it on? When it comes down to it, we all know what suits us and what doesn’t. So if you have to think twice, don’t buy.

What fashion trend am I loving that looks good on most people? Peplum tops, skirts and dresses, they are fantastic when it comes to accentuating your waistline.

Using a bright coloured top with some softer-toned pants really helps to brighten up the outfit.

Teaming a Peplum top with a full bodied skirt creates the perfect layered ensemble

The white peplum top with the light floral pants makes for a very feminine outfit.

Monday, 5 November 2012

The Do's and Don'ts of Festival Fashion

By Nicole Penny

The summer months are abundant with music festivals and if you’re one of the lucky ticket holders, you will need to begin preparation to avoid festival-induced fashion mishaps. Sunburn, rejection due to poor body odour, and injuries relating to improper footwear are some of the most common complaints.

Below are some important tips to remember to ensure such situations will not ruin your weekend:
Gumboots – heavily touted as a festival fashion staple by celebrities such as Kate Moss, these rubber fiends are lethal weapons when combined with hot sun and sweat. Think tinea and other bacterial foot infections! Not to mention, last year alone there were approximately 186 gumboot-related festival injuries recorded*.
The only fail-safe form of footwear for festivals is the humble sneaker. They can generally outlast almost any situation, and the covered toes resist pain from any trodders-of-feet in the mosh pit!

Denim is a great idea, but a denim skirt or any other above-the-knee skirt for that matter, is not particularly ideal. Unless of course, you plan to avoid running, jumping in mosh pits and any strong breezes. Best to stick with shorts and jeans.

Preparing for weather conditions is vital - bring sunglasses for those sunny days and sunscreen to make sure you don’t get burned. If the clouds look threatening, bring a jacket, preferably with a hood – a convenient substitute for an umbrella!

Good hygiene often goes astray when outdoor festivals are concerned; camping festivals can get very smelly as the days pass. Deodorant is an absolute must – your mosh pit neighbours will thank you for it! Dry shampoo also works wonders for hiding the fact that you haven’t showered in three days.

Try not to bring too many valuable items (a phone can be your camera, watch and erm…phone, all in one) as these can easily get misplaced or stolen at a festival.

Last but by no means least, do not forget your ticket and have fun! 

*Gumboot injury statistic may not be entirely accurate.

Image credits:
Image 4 Image taken by author.
Image 5 Image taken by author.

The Top 5 Summer Must-Haves

By Jennifer Morgan

From shivering in bed to sweltering in the sun, it seems Australia has no season in between Summer and Winter, making the transition between seasons a difficult time period for most Australians! As we scramble to get ourselves sorted for the heat waves about to occur making frantic dashes to the shops, in the midst of all the craziness remember to bring this checklist to make sure you are adequately prepared for the heat this summer!

     Wide brimmed hats

This summer the no hat no play rule has never been more applicable, but with such an array of amazing colours and styles to choose from, protection has never been so fashionable!

     Denim shorts

A classic staple item for male and female wardrobes, denim is a lightweight material ensuring you’ll look and feel as cool as possible! Try a patterned or tie-dye colour for a more playful look! 

      Muscle singlets

With breathable, large arm holes you can ensure you don’t get yourself in any sticky situations. Pair this with a cute patterned skirt or denim shorts for men and chuck on a pair of aviators and you’re ready to tackle the scorching weather! Check out the Fresco singlet here Perfect summer staple item for men and at just 20 dollars!

Mixed Prints

Nothing says summer like an eclectic mix of colours and prints, ensuring your wardrobe stays as bright as the weather!

     A good summer playlist

A barbeque isn’t complete without a great playlist to accompany it! We’re loving:
Anything Could Happen – Ellie Goulding
Super Rich Kids – Frank Ocean
And if you’re feeling a little bit crazy, try this throwback (with a twist!) Will Smith – Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It (Viceroy “Jet Life” Remix)

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Pick The Perfect Print For Your Summer Wardrobe

By Naomi Rheinberger

Another season is almost through, and you’re running out of ideas of how to add some serious edge to that neon tee, right? The next trend to be taking over a town near you is prints, and before you go and grab your neon on clothing and throw it in a heap on the floor, let us tell you how to work your neon and prints for your summer wardrobe.

Ladies, August Street has done the hard work for you with their Apple Jacket.

It combines the current powerhouses of colour, pink and orange with a detailed print that doesn’t leave you walking down the street being confused with your Granny’s shower curtain.
If you’re hesitant to flaunt full blown colour, team up your neon-colour jeans with a simple printed tank like this one from Living Doll (pictured below). At only $24.95, it is a staple piece that your bank balance will be sending a big two thumbs up your way for many seasons to come.

For the Guys, after being thankful that the neon trend never hit your wardrobes in full force, don’t think this is an excuse to reach for that plain white tee. Nena and Pasadena is one brand that should sky-rocket to the top of your favourite list. You can be donning the ultimate in dapper clothing with this Earl Check sleeve shirt.

If you’re stumped for a singlet for the upcoming family BBQ, or Sunday sport event, check out this ‘1984’ singlet.

Make prints the perfect addition to your festival season clothing.

Do I hear Stereosonic anyone?